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Block Dodger  

"When falling rectangles threaten to destroy the world, a hero emerges."

A simple and surprisingly addictive action game that demands only what the title suggests: dodge blocks. Dodge the increasingly challenging waves of deadly blocks, that is. An early vector game originally developed in just an hour (and later tweaked just a bit), it is, in fact, the granddaddy of the highly polished Vector Knights, and here you can see the roots of great things to come.

Download: Block Dodger 


"Save the adorable Cuddles from certain aquatic doom!"

Armed with only your mouse, stem relentless tides and gather delicious metals to feed to your colorful, pint-sized friends. Learn the distinct personalities of each, and utilize a variety of power-ups to help the quirky Cuddles escape a watery grave across hundreds of levels and four modes of play.

Note: This download is for a demo version. You can purchase the full version over at Breadbros.

Download: Cuddles 

Geo Drop  

"Dodge the splinters. Shoot the baddies. Save the day. Get the.. girl?"

It's a vector game with a vengeance! Geo Drop expands on its forefather Block Dodger by adding a score, combos, powerups, splinters, and, at last, the ability to fight back! Enjoy the visual assault of neon colors and groovy trails as you guide your Polymorphic Quadgrangleâ„¢ to victory over the evil polygons descending from the sky. It's got classic arcade charm, furiously addictive gameplay, and a subtle sense of style.

Download: Geo Drop 


"Race against time while spinning gears and shooting marbles."

This game is, more or less, a straight port of Logical for the C64/GBC. Level selection has been improved with a handy menu and the inclusion of saved game data. A boatload of unlockable skins (some of them even a bit risque) are awarded as levels are completed. 100 levels of classic puzzle mayhem await a worthy player in this little gem.

Download: Logiquelle 

Marble Massacre  

"Nothing is safe from your massive balls."

As an unseen force directing a giant ball of death, your goal is to crush absolutely everything that moves beneath its orbular frame. Incredibly, sensationally, and senselessly violent (both visually and aurally), Marble Massacre offers simple, satisfying gameplay. Sure, playing this will instantly make you the lowest common denominator of the human race, but it's fun, so play it proudly and with a smile on your face!

Developed in just over a week for the 240 HoV (December 2008) competition, this is surprisingly polished and will satisfy anyone's inner sadist.

Download: Marble Massacre 


"A curious realm of distinct characters and strange doings awaits."

Winner of an HoV contest, Overunderworld is a short and simple adventure exploring a town of unfortunate misfits. Help out the troubled citizens, buy your way into the favor of the gods, and unravel a mystery so convoluted, the solution itself doesn't understand!. Teeming with innuendo and some great snippets of pop culture, this game is sure to appeal to anyone with a sense of humor. The only major disappointment here is that the art isn't entirely original. Enjoy this completely unadulterated competition release!

Download: Overunderworld 


"Interstellar Corporate Domination"

Battle among the stars with friends and foes alike in a persistent galaxy. Fusing strategic planning, careful resource management, and action-packed combat, Oxidus has you operating an unscrupulous space-age corporation. Ruthlessly wresting control of planets from other players, you harvest their precious resources in a race to become the wealthiest flesh-bag in the galaxy. Do you have what it takes to be a celestial corporate cutthroat?

Note: To play you must have an Oxidus account. Register at the Oxidus website today!

Download: Oxidus 

Prismatic Arrows  

"Mix and match chains of colored arrows to rack up points."

A slightly unconventional puzzle game, Prismatic Arrows requires quick thinking and good planning in order to score big. In a field of little colored arrows, your job is to redirect, mix and match the colors of the arrows to clear them out and create chains for points, or in an attempt to clear the board as quickly as possible. Featuring multiple modes and difficulties, Prismatic Arrows offers something for everyone needing to get their puzzle on.

Download: Prismatic Arrows 

Vector Knights  

"The fate of the Land of Vectors is in your hands."

Piggybacking on the success of Geo Drop, Vector Knights delivers an addictive arcade action experience. Play both sides of a conflict and acquire upgrades over the course of the game to augment your abilities. The simple, fast-paced gameplay offers a surprising amount of depth as the player discovers the in and outs of both sides on the road the victory. All of this rendered in bright, colorful, pulsing vector visuals reminiscent of the "good old days".

Considering this game only took a week of dev time, I really am proud of how it turned out. I urge you to play this; it is worth your time.

Download: Vector Knights 

Verge Wars  

"Build, conquer, and destroy -- strategically."

A painfully / lovingly crafted turn based strategy game, this is a spot on clone of the Advance Wars games featuring cheerful, original art and classic gameplay. Also included are a handful of new, non-standard units to shake things up a bit, and additional rules and settings to promote a more customized experience. At its core, though, it's still the same deep, rewarding strategy experience.

Note: This game contains known bugs and is unfinished. You have been warned.

Download: Verge Wars